enjoy.eネット英会話で電話ロールプレイング Master telephone communication


オンライン英会話マントマンレッスンで 自分のペース、自分のレベル、自分の希望に合わせる

Telephone role-plays –

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 Telephone role-play cards 1a You need to telephone your doctor. You have an appointment on Tuesday the 3rd at 16.45 but you need to change it to Thursday the 5th at 15.00. On Monday 9th you are busy all day, but Tuesday 10th you have a free day. Telephone the doctor’s clinic and speak to the receptionist. Make a new appointment. 1b You are the receptionist at Medical centre, the doctor’s clinic. You have no free appointments on Thursday 5th as the doctor will be away that day. The next day the doctor is free is Monday 9th. Answer the telephone and help the patient make a new appointment. 2a You need to telephone your partner at his or her office. You planned to be home early today so you could go out for dinner together but you have to stay at work until very late. Telephone your partner’s office and tell him/her the bad news! Make sure you say sorry. 2b You work at Smith and Jones Publishing Limited, in an office with one other person. He or she is in an important meeting and you are taking messages if anyone telephones. Answer the telephone and take a message. 3a You need to telephone a flower shop and order some flowers for friends who are having their 20th wedding anniversary. They love red roses. You want the flowers to be delivered to their house tomorrow. Telephone the shop and order the flowers. Don’t forget to include a message saying congratulations. 3b You work at Blooming Wonderful, the flower shop. One of your services is delivery of flowers ordered by telephone. Answer the telephone and take an order. Remember you need the address and details of the message. Don’t forget to ask what kind of flowers the customer would like