enjoy.eネット英会話 日常会話; 買い物ロールプレイング


日常会話レッスン 買い物ロールプレイング

'I'm looking for a…', 'I wonder if you can help me, I…', 'How much is that?', etc.


Try to buy the items in the list from you teacher.

List 1 Here are the things you need to buy - a blank CD to burn some music on your laptop - a newspaper, preferably ‘The Guardian’ or ‘The Independent’ - Some low-fat milk - Half a kilo of nectarines - A monolingual dictionary, English – English, but small enough for your pocket You also need to change a 10 pound note for 10 one pound coins


List 2 Here are the things you need to buy - An extension lead for your MP3 player - This week’s ‘Film Review’ magazine - Some wholemeal bread - Some bananas, but the ones used for cooking - A good grammar practice book for your level You also need to find out what time it is, as you have lost your watch


List 3 Here are the things you need to buy - Some high quality paper for your printer - Some chewing gum, strawberry flavour - A couple of packets of instant noodles – you like them spicy - A kilo of oranges - A good guide to grammar in English You also need to know where the nearest bank is List

4 Here are the things you need to buy - Some headphones for your computer so you can use the internet to make telephone calls - A book of first class stamps, preferably 10. - Four mangos, not quite ripe would be best - Some black pepper corns for your pepper mill - A bi-lingual dictionary, English – your language You also want to put a card in the window of a shop saying that you are looking for a private teacher to help with your English A shopping role play