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n.57 miles is the walking distance around one level of Mall of America

n8 acres of skylights allow about 70% of the natural light to enter the Mall

n4 out of 10 visitors to Mall of America are tourists

n4.3 miles of total store front footage

n7 Yankee Stadiums can fit inside the Mall

n25 rides and attractions in Nickelodeon Universe

n32 Boeing 747s could fit inside the Mall

n65 semi trucks were needed to transport trees to the theme park to create the outdoor feel of an indoor park

n70 degrees inside Mall of America whether its spring, summer, winter or fall

n86 hours is the length of time it would take to complete your visit to the Mall if you were to spend just 10 minutes in each store

n100+ pounds of food are fed daily to animals at Underwater Adventures Aquarium - plus 90 extra pounds on the days the sharks are fed

n258 Statues of Liberty could lie inside the Mall

n400+ events are held at Mall of America each year

n520+ stores are located in Mall of America

n5,000+ weddings have been performed at Mall of America

n11,000 year-round employees at Mall of America (13,000 during peak periods)

n12,550 on-site parking spaces at Mall of America in two ramps

n30,000+ live plants and 400 live trees climbing as high as 35 feet tall in Nickelodeon Universe®

n32,000+ tons of trash recycled each year

n170,000+ Legos have been lost in the LEGO play area

n1.2 million-gallon aquarium at Underwater Adventures Aquarium

n4.2 million square feet of gross building area

n40 million visitors annually which is more than the combined populations of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa...and Canada

n130+ million number of rides in the park since opening

n$650+ million cost to build

nNearly $2 billion Mall of America generates in economic activity annual for the state of Minnesota

nDid you know?

nIf Mount Rushmore was divided into individual monuments, a president could reside in each of the Malls four courts

nThere is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota