For those emceeing bilingual weddings here is a sample script

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the wedding lunch of [Name of Groom] and [Name of Bride]. My name is [Name of Emcee]. I will be your emcee for today. First of all, on behalf of the couple and their parents, I will like to say a big thank you for joining us on this special occasion as your presence meant so much for the newly wed. 各位嘉宾,大家下午好。我是 [Name of Emcee],你们今天的司仪。在这里,我代 表新郎,新娘和双方家长欢迎大家莅临他们的结婚喜宴。谢谢你们的出席。 Before we invite the couple to make their grand entrance into the ballroom, let us now turn our attention onto the projector screen to watch their lovely video montage. Sit back and have a pleasant viewing. 请大家将视线转向大萤幕。让我们一同来回顾新郎和新娘走过的人生旅程,以及他 们从相识到相恋的过程。 (Play of 1st montage) After many years of intense intimate romance between [Name of Groom] & [Name of Bride], finally today, they are tying the knot to be pronounced officially as Husband and Wife. 今天,对于他们来说意义重大。经过多年的甜蜜旅程,他们终于能走上红地毯,被 宣布成夫妻, 现在, 我们等待已久的时刻终於到了。 Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment you are waiting for. Would you please rise and join me to give your most sincere, warmest and most prolong applause for [Name of Groom] and [Name of Bride] !!!! 有请各位家宾站起来,让我们以热烈的掌声欢迎这对新人入席! (March-in music will be played) Here comes the charming groom and the beautiful bride. Congratulations to our lovely couple! 恭喜[Name of Groom] and [Name of Bride] 祝福你们。 (Cake cutting ceremony) Thank you. Pls be seated. I will like to invite the couple to come up onto the stage to proceed for Cake cutting ceremony. It is an act that symbolizes unity, shared future and life together as one. 谢谢大家。请各位就座。 现在,我们请新人上台来进行切蛋糕仪式。这个仪式象征着新人的联合以及他们共 同的未来。 With this cut, we wish the couple all the best as from now on they will start off their new journey as husband and wife. 在此,祝福 _[NAME OF GROOM]__ and __[NAME OF BRIDE]__永远像这个蛋 糕,甜甜蜜蜜,圆圆满满。 请回桌。 Lunch will commence now. We wish you will enjoy what we have prepared for you. Pls enjoy. 酒席现在正式开始。请大家尽情享用。 (2 nd March in) Ladies and gentleman,hope you’ve enjoyed the lunch. 希望大家喜欢我们今天为你们安排的宴席。 The couple is ready to meet us with their lovely 2nd wedding gown. Once again, please rise, join me and put our hands together to welcome the lovely couple back into the ballroom. 请大家起立,让我们再次以热烈的掌声欢迎新人入场。 (Wine pouring session) Would the lovely couple please step up for the wine pouring session? The wine pouring session is an essential act that symbolizes abundant wealth and ever overflowing love. 现在,我们请新人上台进行倒香槟仪式,以示他们爱情上的永浴爱河。 Whoa, we can see [Name of Bride]’s hand holding [Name of Groom]_’s arm, supporting him as he pours the champagne. This symbolize how much [Name of Bride] will support her husband in all future events. 我们能看到新娘的手一直扶着新郎的手臂,代表她在未来会永远的这么扶持她的丈 夫! Now lets’ invite the couple to have their cross-arm toasting. May they enjoy everlasting love! 请新人喝交杯酒。 [NAME OF GROOM] 和 [NAME OF BRIDE]口对口,杯对杯, 愿你们的爱情永恒,天长地久,地久天长。 给他们一个热烈的掌声好不好? (Yam Seng Session) And now, this is the moment we get to exercise our lungs. We now invite parents, family members and relatives of the couples, to come on stage and join us in a toast to their everlasting happiness. 接下来,我们要邀请双方家长, 家人上台来进行敬酒仪式。 [NAME OF GROOM] 的兄弟以及 [NAME OF BRIDE]的姐妹也请到台上来助阵。 For the first toast to our newly wed couple, may both of you treasure one another and live happily ever after. 第一声 yamseng,祝福新人珍惜比此,白头偕老 For the second toast, we will like to wish [NAME OF GROOM] and [NAME OF BRIDE] eternal love for each other 第二声 yamseng,祝福_[NAME OF GROOM] and [NAME OF BRIDE]永结同心 , 百年好和。 For the third toast, we will like to wish the couple to have many cute babies soon, and nurture a happy family. The fat baby bonus is waiting for you! I will also like to take this chance to wish everyone here great success in everything you do! 第三声 yamseng,祝福他们早生贵子, 幸福满堂。我也想用这个机会来祝福在场的 各位来宾永远开开心心,心想事成。 (Couple give speech session) We shall now invite [Name of Groom] and [Name of Bride] to say a few words. 谢 谢 各 位 , 请 大 家 就 坐 。 现 在 我 们 请 [NAME OF GROOM] 和[NAME OF BRIDE]说 几 句 话 。 (Ending speech) A big thank you to our newly wed couple. Let me present to you Mr and Mrs [Surname]. We wish you all the best as you embark on the next stage of your life journey. The couple will soon be going to all tables for group photo taking. Please enjoy the rest of the lunch. Have a pleasant afternoon. 谢 谢 [NAME OF GROOM] and [NAME OF BRIDE] 。祝福你们过着辛福美满的生 活. 稍 候 , 他 们 会 与 各 桌 嘉 宾 拍 照 . 再次谢谢你们的出席. 请 大 家 继 续 享 用 美 食, 并祝大家有个美好的午后。