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Directions: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. Four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), (D), are given beneath each sentence. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.

1. Because the equipment is very delicate, it must be handled with -------.

(A) caring

(B) careful

(C) care

(D) carefully

2. Mr. Yang’s trip will ------- him away from the office for ten days.

(A) withdraw

(B) continue

(C) retain

(D) keep

3. The company that Marie DuBois started now sells ------- products throughout the world.

(A) its

(B) it

(C) theirs

(D) them

4. If your shipment is not delivered ------- Tuesday, you can request a full refund for the merchandise.

(A) at

(B) by

(C) within

(D) while

5. The hotel breakfast ------- fresh fruit juice and a choice of pastries.

(A) includes

(B) to include

(C) including

(D) was included

6. We regret to announce the ------- of the training session scheduled for April 21.

(A) denial

(B) incapability

(C) postponement

(D) dismissal

7. Register early if you would like to attend next Tuesday’s ------- on project management.

(A) seminar

(B) reason

(C) policy

(D) scene

8. Paul Brown resigned last Monday from his position as ------- executive of the


(A) fine

(B) chief

(C) front

(D) large

9. The financial audit of Soft Peach Software ------- completed on Wednesday by a

certified accounting firm.

(A) to be

(B) having been

(C) was

(D) were

10. The organizers of the trip reminded participants to ------- at the steps of the city hall

at 2:00 P.M.

(A) see

(B) combine

(C) meet

(D) go

11. ------- is no better season than winter to begin training at Silver’s Fitness Center.

(A) When

(B) It

(C) There

(D) As it

12. The recent worldwide increase in oil prices has led to a ------- demand for electric


(A) greater

(B) greatest

(C) greatly

(D) greatness

13. Maria Vásquez has a wide range of experience, ------- worked in technical, production, and marketing positions.

(A) having

(B) has

(C) having had

(D) had

14. Tickets will not be redeemable for cash or credit at any time, ------- will they be

replaced if lost or stolen.

(A) but

(B) though

(C) only

(D) nor

15. A late fee will be applied to your account _______ payment is not received by March 31.

(A) and

(B) whether

(C) but

(D) if

16. The award is given to an individual who has made _______ contributions to the community through volunteer work.

(A) detailed

(B) significant

(C) secure

(D) updated

17. Last year, Andrea Choi _______ the Choi Economic Research Center at Upton University.

(A) to establish

(B) established

(C) was established

(D) establishing

18. Ms. Ikeda and Mr. Arroyo are the final candidates under _______ for the position of director of development.

(A) consideration

(B) elimination

(C) recognition

(D) confirmation

19. Of the two animated films released today, _______ is certain to be popular with children, while the other will appeal more to adults.

(A) neither

(B) it

(C) one

(D) another

20. The flight arrives __________ Tokyo in three hours.

(A) in 
(B) at 
(C) into 
(D) on 

21. All corporate flight ------ must be authorized by the appropriate department manager. 

(A) trips
(B) seminars
(C) leave
(D) arrangements

22. The off-shore drilling platform is ------ by boat and helicopter. 

(a) accessible
(b) destination
(c) travel
(d) transported

23. Doctors are convinced that many major heath problems can be ------ by simple lifestyle changes. 

(A) diagnosed
(b) detected
(c) performed
(d) prevented

24. After the first of the year, students will ------ register on-line. 

a) in order to
b) have
c) be able to
d) must

25. Martin Communications has tendered an offer to ------ with Metro Broadband. 

a) dissolve
b) contract
c) merge
d) complete

26. There_____ a better time than the present to begin training at Frank’s Fitness Club.
(A)  is never
(B) was never
(C) has never been 
(D) never was 

27. The recent worldwide increase in car prices has led to an ________ demand for bicycles.
(A) increasing
(B) increased
(C) increasingly greater
(D) greater 

28. Mr. Goldberg has a wide range of experience, _______ worked in technical, production,and marketing positions.
(A) having
(B) he has
(C) having had already
(D) having had worked

29. Coupons will not be redeemable for cash, _______ they will be replaced if lost or stolen.
(A) so
(B) but
(C) nonetheless
(D) although 

30. _________ a top manager is a matter of having the skills, not just luck.
(A) To be
(B) Being
(C) If you are
(D) When you are

31. In order______ top manager anywhere you have to have a lot of experience.
(A)  being
(B)  to be a
(C)  to be the  
(D)  being the 

32. The  ________ this year are lower for our airport parking stickers.
(A) price
(B) money
(C) rates
(D) fee 

33. Chang is _______ to give a rousing speech to the team before the meeting.
(A) expecting
(B) expected
(C) expecting himself
(D) expect

34. The museum is open to the _______ public at least twice a year.
(A) whole
(B) entire
(C) general
(D) extended 

35. The Italian________ giant Colossio just purchased 40 percent of Wang Communications.
(A) newspapers
(B) media
(C) press
(D) publicity 

36. If you cannot ________ on the phone, send us a fax.
(A) connect to us
(B) connect us
(C) get through to us
(D) call to us

37. _______ we been on top of the situation, the drop in the stock price might have never occurred.
(A) If we had
(B) Had
(C) If we were
(D) Where 

38. The marketing manager quickly brought the matter _______ control.
(A) into our
(B) under the
(C) to our
(D) under

39. _______ new in the area, Jack hadn’t the slightest notion of how to find the place.
(A)  A man
(B)  Being
(C)  Because he is
(D)  Given the fact that he 

40. The  ________ this year are lower for our airport parking stickers.
(A) price
(B) money
(C) rates
(D) currencies 


Directions: In this part of the test, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), (D). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.

41. All employee are required to wear their identification badges while at work.


42. The pamphlet contains some importance information about the current exhibit.


43. No matter how long it taking to finish the annual report, it must be done properly.


44. The popularity of jogging appears to have decreased since the past couple of years.


45. At the hotel, laundry sent out by 10:00 a.m. it will be returned by 5:00 p.m. the same



46. The totally capital expenditures, after allowing for inflation, are projected to be 8.4


billion euros.

47. He always go yachting with his friends at the weekend.
                   A                   B             C      D

48. She was boring with her new job as she hardly saw any customers during the day.
                        A                                  B                 C                                    D

49. The increase in new electrical products have meant a greater demand for electrical                            A                                          B                     C                      D


50. We plan to improve our product by invest more money in research and
               A           B                                   C

development in the future.                                                                        


51. The company is going to have the new car designed from a famous Italian designer.
                                 A          B                                 C         D

52. After several years, many of the factory's machine needed replacing.
        A                                                      B           C                         D

53. The contract with the main production company will expiring on the tenth of next
        A           B                                                                       C                      D


54. All staff should to go as quickly as possible to the emergency meeting point.
           A                    B            C                             D

55. Last year most of the large tourism companies have made more profits than the year
                           A                                                           B                 C                   D


56.  As a result of the profits increased last year, employees were paid a bonus of five
             A                                B                                                      C  

hundred dollars.


57. The company's main office is located on seventh floor of that building over there.
                 A                                    B                   C                                            D

58. The research scientists made an experiment to test the effectiveness of the latest
                                              A                                 B                      C



59.  A university is usual open five days a week. 
       A                        B       C                        D

60. The manager asked the secretary if she had already file the reports.



Directions: The questions in this part of the test are based on a selection of reading materials, such as notices, letters, forms, newspaper and magazine articles, and advertisements. You are to choose the one best answer, (A), (B), (C), or (D), to each question. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer. Answer all questions following each reading selection on the basis of what is stated or implied in that selection.

Question 61 refers to the following notice.

The Museum of Technology is a “hands-on” museum, designed for people to experience science at work. Visitors are encouraged to use, test, and handle the objects on display. Special demonstrations are scheduled for the first and second Wednesdays of each month at 13:30. Open Tuesday–Friday 12:00–16:30, Saturday 10:00–17:30, and Sunday 11:00–16:30.

61. When during the month can visitors see special demonstrations?

(A) Every weekend.

(B) The first two Wednesdays.

(C) One afternoon a week.

(D) Every other Wednesday.

Questions 62-64 refer to the following notice.


If you are unable to work because of an extended illness or injury that is not work-related, you may be entitled to receive weekly benefits from your employer or the firm’s insurance company.

_ To claim benefits, you must file a claim form within thirty days of the first day of your disability.

_ Before filing the claim, you must ask your doctor to fill in the “Doctor’s Statement” on the claim form, stating the period of disability

62. To whom is this notice addressed?

  1. Employers

  2. Doctors

  3. Employees

  4. When paying the bill

63. When must the claim form be filed?

(A) On the first of the month

(B) On the thirtieth of the month

(C) On the first day of disability

(D) Within 30 days of the start of disability

64. What must be done before the claim can be submitted?

(A) The employee’s company must be notified.

(B) The form must be duplicated.

(C) The Ministry of Social Welfare must be contacted.

(D) The “Doctor’s Statement” must be completed.

Questions 65-68 refer to the following article.

The new economy has created great business opportunities as well as great turmoil. Not since the Industrial Revolution have the stakes of dealing with change been so high. Most traditional organizations have accepted, in theory at least, that they must make major changes. Even large new companies recognize that they need to manage the changes associated with rapid entrepreneurial growth. Despite some individual successes, however, this remains difficult, and few companies manage the process as well as they would like.

Most companies have begun by installing new technology, downsizing, restructuring, or trying to change corporate culture, and most have had low success rates. About 70 percent of all change initiatives fail.

The reason for most of these failures is that in their rush to change their organizations, managers become mesmerized by all the different, and sometimes conflicting, advice they receive about why companies should change, what they should try to accomplish, and how they should do it. The result is that they lose focus and fail to consider what would work best for their own company. To improve the odds of success, it is imperative that executives understand the nature and process of corporate change much better.

Most companies use a mix of both hard and soft change strategies. Hard change results in drastic layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring. Soft change is based on internal organizational changes and the gradual development of a new corporate culture through individual and organization learning. Both strategies may be successful, but it is difficult to combine them effectively. Companies that are able to do this can reap significant payoffs in productivity and profitability.

65. What is the article mainly about?

(A) Corporate marketing plans

(B) New developments in technology

(C) Ways for companies to increase profits

(D) How companies try to adapt to new conditions

66. The word “manage” in paragraph 1, line 6, is closest in meaning to

(A) correct

(B) attract

(C) handle

(D) regulate

67. According to the article, why do so many attempts to change fail?

(A) Soft change and hard change are different.

(B) Executives are interested only in profits.

(C) The best methods are often not clear.

(D) Employees usually resist change.

68. What is soft change based on?

(A) Changes in the corporate culture

(B) Reductions in company size

(C) Relocating businesses

(D) Financial markets

Questions 69 – 71 refer to the following letter.

The Director
International English Institute
71 Bealey Avenue

Dear Sir,

Re:Festival of Japan

Preparation is currently under way for the 2004 Festival of Japan to be held from the 16 - 25 August.

The festival is an unprecedented opportunity to put the culture and arts of Japan on show and it has a wide program that relies on support from the Japanese community here in Christchurch as well as international visitors and groups.

We are currently approaching groups and individuals in the community who may wish to be involved in some way with the festival, either running their own event, being part of an event, or contributing volunteers.

All the events and activities are coordinated by The Events Company and we can make all the necessary arrangements needed to run the event. I have attached a draft program for the festival this year. Should either your school as a whole or any of your students wish to be involved in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. To register, I have attached an event registration form.

Kind regards,
Peter Piper
Festival Director

69. What is the main purpose of this letter?
A. To promote festival events to the public
B. To ask for participation in the festival
C. To ask for financial contributions
D. To ask international visitors to support the Japanese community

70. How many documents are attached to this letter?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

71. Who is organizing this festival?
A. The Japanese community
B. International visitors and groups
C. Students
D. A company

Questions 72 – 73 refer to the following information.

Every year, New Zealand welcomes thousands of new residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors. The New Zealand Immigration Service is here to assist those who qualify for entry to New Zealand.

New Zealand is an exciting place to live, work and play, but moving to a new country can be challenging. So, before exploring the range of policies under which you may qualify to enter New Zealand, we recommend that you thoroughly research different aspects of living in New Zealand, including health, education, housing, employment and community networks. Living in New Zealand - a guide for Migrants and The Ethnic Community Directory are designed to help you do just this.

If you are considering doing business in New Zealand, our website will provide you with a range of information about the New Zealand business environment and regulations.

72. Who is this text written for?
A. New Zealanders
B. Business people
C. People who want to come to New Zealand
D. Immigration officers

73. If you want to live permanently in New Zealand, what should you do first?
A. Look at the website
B. Read "Living in New Zealand" and "The Ethnic Community Directory".
C. Contact The New Zealand Immigration Service.
D. Explore the range of policies under which you may qualify.

Questions 74 – 75 refer to the following magazine article.

Modern day bungy jumpers got the idea from a ritual that happens on the islands of Vanuatu, in the South West Pacific. Men bungy jump from bamboo towers about 35 meters high with springy vines tied to their feet. The ritual is called the Naghoi Ceremony and it is supposed to guarantee a good crop harvest. It also acts as an initiation ceremony for young men.

74. What is the main topic of this paragraph?
A. Modern day bungy jumping
B. The origin of bungy jumping
C. Methods of bungy jumping
D. Reasons for bungy jumping

75. What is the main reason for bungy jumping in Vanuatu?
A. For initiation 
B. For young men
C. For a good harvest
D. For tourism

Questions 76 – 78 refer to the following advertisement.

2004 Ski Passes

New Zealand's premier ski area company has launched its hugely popular nzskipass, offering unlimited skiing and riding at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables in Queenstown, Canterbury's Mt Hutt, and Ohau Snow Fields in North Otago for the 2004 season.

When purchased online, the early season price of an adult (18 to 64) nzskipass will remain the same as last year at $499, the cost for students is $100 less than last year at $399, and youths (aged seven to 17) and seniors (65 to 74 years) will pay just $249 for the season.

Children aged six and under at Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt will continue to receive a free day lift pass, and children aged 10 and under will receive a free day lift pass at The Remarkables. For total convenience, children six and under can be issued with an nzskipass season pass for just a $25 administration fee.

76. Which ski field in this advertisement has the cheapest lift pass for an eight-year-old child?
A. Coronet Peak
B. The Remarkables
C. Mt Hutt
D. Ohau Snow Fields

77. Who can buy cheaper ski passes this year compared to last year?
A. Adults
B. Students
C. Seniors
D. Children under 6

78. How much is an nzskipass for a 62-year-old person?
A. $100
B. $249
C. $399
D. $499

Questions 79- 81 refer to the following instructions.

STEP 1 Scratch the silver panel to reveal your 10-digit card pin number.

STEP 2 Dial the local access number from a landline phone (or  0800 777 125 if local access not available) or  0800 777 872 from a cellphone. 

STEP 3 You will be greeted with a recorded voice, follow the voice prompts, when asked enter your 10 digit number. If your 10 digit number is not recognised you will be asked again to re-enter it.

Once it has been accepted dial the number you need including the local area code for calls within New Zealand for instance Auckland (09) then the local number, the same applies to an international call, you must dial the code from New Zealand which is 00 then the code for the country you are calling eg Switzerland 41, so the number would be 0041 followed by the code for the town you are calling eg Geneva 22, followed by the local number so your dialled numbers would look like this:

 0041 22 888 8888 (sample number only)

79. What are these instructions for?
A. Using a cellphone
B. Using a telephone card
C. Using an access number
D. Using a landline

80. Where can you call using this service?
A. Switzerland and Auckland only
B. New Zealand only
C. Overseas only
D. Anywhere

81. What number should be dialled first to make an international call from a cellphone?
A. A ten-digit pin number
B.  0800 777 125
C.  0800 777 872
D. 0041 22 888 888

Questions 82 – 84 refer to the following newspaper article.

NZ voted safest, not most boring, travel destination 

New Zealand has been rated by travellers as the safest nation on Earth, but the British travel magazine behind the award has adamantly denied it means New Zealand is boring. 

Wanderlust magazine polled its readers about the best countries on Earth and awarded the top spot to Namibia, knocking New Zealand off the overall No. 1 rating from last year. 

But the one category where New Zealand maintains its No. 1 rating is safety, outpolling even Switzerland and Singapore.

Wanderlust editor Lyn Hughes said the safety award "emphatically doesn't mean boring" and says it reflects visitors' freedom from worrying about risks. 

The Guardian newspaper in Britain questioned the value of being rated the safest nation on Earth and said it could be seen as being rated boring. 

"Wanderlust tends to the adventurous, independent traveller, but has now given an award for safest country to New Zealand," said Guardian travel editor Gwyn Topham.

82. Which country did Wanderlust readers vote the best country on earth last year?
A. Namibia
B. New Zealand
C. Switzerland
D. Singapore

83. Which country did Wanderlust readers vote the safest country on earth last year?
A. Namibia
B. New Zealand
C. Switzerland only
D. Singapore

84. Why is New Zealand the safest country this year?
A. Because it is boring
B. Because travellers don't need to be concerned about risks
C. Because visitors can be adventurous and independent
D. Because it has a safety award

Questions 85–86 refer to the following notice:


Becksvoort Gallery is holding a


in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Luxe

299 Norman Street, Melbourne

Come and see our range of exquisite pieces.

Original oils * Watercolors * Tapestries * Crafts

Friday, July 15

8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

For descriptions and pictures of select items

visit our Web site at

85. What is the purpose of the notice?

(A) To announce a sale of artwork

(B) To advertise the opening of a hotel

(C) To offer a discount on painting lessons

(D) To publicize a photography exhibition

86. According to the notice, what can people do online?

(A) Purchase selected items

(B) Order tickets to an event

(C) Register for art classes

(D) View some pieces of art

Questions 87–91 refer to the following letter and document.

January 15

Jeanne Sokol

14 Jubilee Street


Dear Ms. Sokol:

I have received your letter of January 7 concerning your recent visit to our restaurant in London. I am very sorry that you did not have an enjoyable experience. I agree that

you should not have had to wait over thirty minutes for a table when you had made a reservation in advance. Please know that this was an isolated incident and that our customers usually remark on the promptness of our staff.

In an attempt to remedy this unfortunate situation, I am sending you a complimentary voucher for use at any of our restaurants. I encourage you to try us again and experience

our award-winning cuisine. If there is any way in which I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or mail.


Simon Jenkins


Guest Relations

Winchester Falls Café

The finest dining in Britain!

The bearer of this certificate is entitled to £25

off the price of a meal at Winchester Falls Café.

Café Locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester

Expires: December 31

For customer service or inquiries, contact Winchester Falls’

Guest Relations Department by telephone at 0616 555-4239 or

by mail at 77 Twickenham Road, Manchester WF1 JK2.

87. Why did Simon Jenkins write to Jeanne Sokol?

(A) To thank her for visiting a restaurant

(B) To apologize for poor service

(C) To inquire about her dining experience

(D) To invite her to an awards dinner

88. In the letter, the word “reservation” in paragraph 1, line 5, is closest in meaning to

(A) hesitation

(B) supply

(C) doubt

(D) appointment

89. What is suggested about Jeanne Sokol?

(A) She has recently traveled to Manchester.

(B) She spoke to Simon Jenkins on the telephone.

(C) She wrote a letter of complaint.

(D) She frequently dines in London.

90. What is Simon Jenkins offering?

(A) A refund on a previous purchase

(B) A discount on a future purchase

(C) Replacement of a damaged product

(D) Special assistance in ordering a product

91. Where does Simon Jenkins most likely work?

(A) In Manchester

(B) In Brighton

(C) In Birmingham

(D) In London

Questions 92-93 refer to the following memorandum


To: Supervisors
From: Judy Linquiest, Human Resource Manager
Sub: Probation periods

As of January 1st all new employees will be subject to a 3 month probationary period. Medical, holiday, and flextime benefits will not apply to new staff members until the full 3 months have expired. After the three months have been completed, please contact your employees and inform them that their probationary period has ended. The HR department will contact you by email 2 days in advance to remind you of the date. Thank you for your cooperation.

92. What is the main purpose of this memo?
(A) To inform all employees of a new expiration date.
(B) To put staff members on probation.
(C) To introduce the HR department.
(D) To inform supervisors of a change in policy.

93. When does the change come into effect?
(A) Today.
(B) In 2 days.
(C) In 3 months.
(D) On January 1st.

Questions 94-96 refer to the following advertisement.


Purchase a 12 month subscription to Vacation the Nation today and receive a free pair of Sunnies Sunglasses with your very own soft leather case.* To get your free Sunnies follow these 3 easy steps.


Purchase a copy of Vacation the Nation, New York's #1 Travel magazine.


Fill out the application card (found in the center of the magazine)


Mail the card and $21. 95 US to the address provided

*This is a limited time offer only. Application and funds must be received no later than Dec 1st 2004. Canadian residents should add $3 US for shipping. Offer not available for residents outside of North America.

94. What is this advertisement for?
A) A summer trip.
B) A travel company.
C) A special deal.
D) A free magazine.

95. How much do the sunglasses cost?
A) They are free with a subscription.
B) They cost $1.
C) They cost $3 Canadian.
D) They cost $21. 95 US.

96. Who cannot benefit from this special deal?
A) Canadians.
B) UK residents.
C) North Americans.
D) US residents.

Questions 97-100 refer to the following letters.

To: "The Shoe People" <>
From: "John Trimbald" <>
Subject: Customer Complaint

To Whom it May Concern,

I have trusted the Shoe People to protect the feet of my employees for over ten years now. I recently purchased a few pairs of boots from your company for my crew. Though my men were initially satisfied with the boots, the soles began to fall apart on them after just twelve weeks. This was extremely surprising considering they came with a six year warranty. The boots are unsafe to wear because my men are pouring hot concrete. Please respond as soon as possible with instructions on how I can return the boots and receive a refund.

Thank you,
John Trimbald

John Trimbald, Foreman, JT Construction

The Shoe People
22 Circular Rd.
Castlerock, Northern Ireland
BT51 6TP

John Trimbald
JT Construction
22 Mark Lane Rd.
London, England

January 3rd, 2008

Dear Mr. Trimbald,

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the poor quality of our rubber soled black workboots. A representative will be by your office next week to pick up the damaged boots. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your crew. Along with five new pairs of workboots for your crew (we included one extra pair), we have enclosed a free year's supply of sole protector spray. In our retail stores, this spray is always recommended to buyers who work on heated floors. This should have been brought to your attention at the time of your initial order (received by telephone on October 12, 2007). Please excuse our oversight. To date we have had no complaints about these workboots from customers who have used the protector spray. However, should you use the spray and find that you are still unsatisfied with the boots, please return the boots and spray for a full refund. Thank you for supporting The Shoe People. Have a Happy New Year.


Stan Mason, President

97. Which company was unsatisfied?
A) Stan Mason's company.
B) The Shoe People.
C) JT Construction
D) The sole company.

98. How many people are on John Trimbald's crew?
A) Four.
B) Five.
C) Six.
D) Twelve.

99. What is the spray used for?
A) To protect the boots from water.
B) To protect the soles from heat.
C) To protect the floors from soles.
D) To protect the boots from rubber.

100. What should John Trimbald do if he remains unsatisfied?
A) Return just the spray.
B) Call the President.
C) Mail another letter.
D) Request a refund.